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Buick Information Needed Proper Hose Clamps 1964 Special


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I posted this in the AACA Library while doing some research. I thought maybe there would be some better response here.

I am attending the National Buick meet in Springfield this year and trying to get some of the details correct. Needing info on original style hose clamps for a 1964,300 "310" Buick Special, 2bbl, automatic, non-AC car, power brakes. Information from the chassis manual I have it looks like the upper and lower radiator hose used the Tower style clamps, the rest were Corbin style spring clamps. I can't see everything form the illustrations but that looks correct. There are a number of kits on ebay that are supposed to be correct, some have a set or red Corbin style clamps some are regular steel colored clamps. Which is correct? There are some websites, CARS etc that also list these clamps, but again which is correct? Doing some reading I understand different GM plants used different style clamps during the year. This car was built in Kansas City, early 1st quarter in 1964.

I also have a spring clip assortment for fuel and vacuum hoses in various colors. I believe the green color clamps are for fuel lines. Anyone have a breakdown on the rest. Trying to be as correct as possible with some of the minor details. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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Those different color clamps are different sized I believe. I'm thinking the yellow ones are the 3/8" . As to the heater hose spring clamps, I would paint the steel ones silver, and run with that.

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