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A much-discussed Hemmings Motor News column

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AACA magazines and newsletters do not get involved

in sex, religion, and politics, and rightly so. Our membership

is broad, and we're all here to read about our shared love

of cars!

In their March 2015 issue, page 88, Hemmings Motor News

crossed that line, and a columnist who wants to see more

people of dark complexion, more women, more young people,

more acceptance of homosexuality tried to make his point.

But his approach wasn't warm and winning, and he ended up

greatly offending many of their readers--as their May

Letters to the Editor showed.

Did anyone else see the column? What did people think

of his approach? I don't mean to discuss diversity--I mean

to discuss his APPROACH.

To me, that column, in an otherwise excellent publication,

showed why the AACA policy is so wise--

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