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1931 Buick Exhaust Manifold

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I know, I know, they are impossible to find, but I've come close to getting one a couple of times in the last year so there is hope.

I need a 1931 or 1932 big(80-90) series (344ci) Buick straight eight exhaust manifold. (1239924 or 1259695)

Mine is complete but she is gonna blow any time now and I want to have one ready or one to repair.

I would consider one in repairable condition but obviously I prefer one in good condition.

I would also be willing to buy the complete engine, so if you keep tripping over one and you are ready to get rid of it contact me.

Worse comes to worse I will have one cast but that comes with it's own headaches.

If you have one or know of one please PM me.



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Well I thought my search was over. With the great help of Gary in the Pacific NW I was able to get an exhaust manifold. It was shipped cross country and I excitedly opened the box.............. to find a very good condition manifold neatly broken in two from handling. :-(

What a bummer. It was bolted to a plywood base so it really had to be slung around to be broken.

Returned to the shipper for the insurance claim......so the hunt begins anew.

So I'll put the word out again. Does anyone have one in good condition they are willing to part with. I am willing to pay good money for it.



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