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Me and my 1958 Buick Special

Guest xefere

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Guest xefere

My Buick stripped and prepared for body work.

I know basically nothing about these so would appreciate any advice.

So for starters, what is the difference between normal and power brakes on these cars?




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Hello Eugene.

Glad you decided to start a thread on your Special.

Boy you sure are knee deep into it aren't you.

Have you seen Ceejay's '58 Century 4dr hardtop in Sri Lanka he's doing? The Special and Century shared many components so you might want to go over his posts so far. Not sure what you had to start with but the way you are going will be one sweet car!

Since you are at this point, now would be the time to switch your brakes from standard to power. I don't have a spare unit but the 57 & 58 Buick's use the same and I'm sure you can find one. Most any used one more than likely needs to be rebuilt and if you are not familiar with doing them (like me) be prepared for the cost but I think it is worth doing keeping the car original.

Keep posting your progress. We all like pictures.

Good Luck.

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