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50-51 Imperiaol hood mascot

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This is the nicest one of these that I have ever seen.

It belongs to a neighbor friend of mine and he will sell it.

Please call him as I am going to be away from the computer for a month or so.

His name is Mike and his number is 971-3740-0069. Leave a message as he is a working guy and cant always answer.

He suggested that he wants a hundred dollars for it but after looking at the offerings on Ebay he will come down to a better price.

This one is nicer that any of the seven listed on Ebay as of now.

Minor pitting as with all Chrysler chrome of the era, but as I said, its the nicest one I have ever seen.





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That hood ornament # 1373207 is for the cheaper short wheel base 1951-52 Windsor six and Saratoga V-8 cars.

The upper line NewYoker uses the exact same ornament but a bit longer #1373208 .

The top line Imperials have a completely different looking hood ornament.

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