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Wheel Code ID Help


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I have a friend that has 4 Buick wheels with markings M 4 and a 7 beneath and a date code???? of 8-24-WK, 8-10-WK and etc. Good driver quality with the black repainted and 5 very nice caps.

What model are they for and an interpretation of the coding please. Value???



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895 = a 71-78 wheel. I believe 1977 specifically. Don't have my date code chart in front of me so not 100% on year. These are full size Buick wheels.

4 wheels with no rust, pitting, or curb dings, and with bright chrome can fetch $400-$500. Nice caps could ad $100-$150 sold with wheels.

Some minor rust or dulled chrome maybe around $325. If moderate rust on each wheel price drops dramatically.

Might get more for caps selling them separately.

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