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I'm starting this thread in hopes of finding answers for us guys who have been researching for years trying to find photos or documentation on the dealership who originally sold the vehicle we're restoring. If you are trying to find information on the dealership that sold you're vehicle originally please post any information here in hopes that others may be able to help.

Please feel free to share photos and documentation of any kind in hopes of finding answers...

Personally, I'm looking for any time period photos or clues on a Dodge Brothers dealership named "McConnel Motors Inc" in Pittsfield Massachusetts from the years 1927-1933. The address for the dealership was 14 Maplewood Ave owned by Walter L. McConnel. I've attached a photo of the building as it stands today but I would like to find photos of the time period from 1927-1933 .

Mr. McConnel also owned a service station that I would love to find photos of located at 164 Wahconah in Pittsfield MA during the same time frame. A side note, the McConnel residence was located at 96 Howard St.

I'm willing to pay for any photos or copies of photos of any of the three structures as they stood from this time period.

Thank you for any leads.





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Hi Bob, I found something that may interest you, hope it helps. Could it be Reno instead of San Jose ?

Hopefully others will jump on board with this idea to see if we can collectively get some answers for those of us who are trying to locate these lost dealerships before they disappear from history.

Here's a link with some interesting reading in regards to your Osen Motors:



Also found the address of Osen Motors :


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