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Question On International Import/Export Law


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Hello, I live in Florida, and currently own a restored 1937 Ford with a Chevy LT-1 (Corvette) engine (see pic). I am in the process of selling the vehicle.

I had a conversation with someone today who advised that vehicles like mine are prohibited from being sold to a buyer in another country, such as Germany or Japan. This is due to an enviromental law signed into effect by President Obama and other world leaders.

The person said that completely original antique cars are still permitted to be sold globally. However, the restored street rods such as mine, once in very high demand internationally, are now limited to US sales only.

I want to investigate and do some research into this law. Anyone know how I can get started?

Thanks in advance!


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Sounds like a baseless rumor.

Hot-street rods are imported into Australia. Many countries have laws on what can be imported and legally driven on public roads. Japan (a right hand drive country) has restrictive car laws.

Demand internationally is driven by the currency exchange rate.

A few year ago a AUD$1.00 = USD$1.10 Now AUD$1.00 = USD$0.75. So USA cars into Australia are ~ 30% more expensive

Here on this forum "street rod" and "restored" do not go together.

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Start with U.S. Customs: https://help.cbp.gov/app/answers/detail/a_id/307/~/requirements-for-exporting-a-vehicle-%28including%3A-snowmobile,-atv-and-motorcycle%29

You could also consult a Customs Broker and/or an international auto shipper.

The importing country will also have regulations, especially regarding rods and customs that don't meet safety and pollution standards, but the buyer should research that. The more paperwork you have on the car, the better, but I've imported cars with no title. You will need a Bill of Sale.


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My brother sold a 1949 Triumph to a fellow in Australia. My bro never had a title for the car, long story. The Aussie said that wouldn't be a problem and bought and paid for the car. It then turned out that you cannot import a car into Australia without a good title. Took the owner almost a year and about $800 to get a good PA title for the car so he could import it. Best to check the rules first.

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