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1927 Carburetor Stromberg T-1 for Erskine

Guest Nova scotia Mike

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Guest Nova scotia Mike

Looking for a good working order or rebuildable carb for 1927 / 6 cylinder engine. Car is just about set to go but need a carb.Would appreciate hearing from anyone that might have one or know of someone that might have one? (Stromberg #3717514) Have been looking for months with no luck thus far! Appreciate any help.

Is it possible to use a Zenith Carb on this engine? If so, model/type/year etc?

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Guest Nova scotia Mike
Is your carb gone? Missing?

Yes, the carb is missing. Understand they were made of pig iron and vary few are left to be found!

So I need an origional or a substitute that is known to work?

Appreciate any help. Thanks Mike

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Mike - here is a blog from our website:

[h=1]EARLY ZINC CASTINGS[/h] <o:p></o:p>

The carburetor for which you are inquiring is one of a group of auto parts (carburetors, fuel pumps, door handles, generator back plates, etc.) made from a zinc alloy (“pot metal”, “white metal”, etc.) that is chemically unstable and therefore not useable. We once submitted a sample of this metal to a metalurgist who tested it and informed us that there was about 4 times the amount of lead in this mix as in the later (about 1935) mix. This material cracks with age and heat.


Carburetors which fall into this category include:

Schebler model U

Johnson model H and model R

Marvel (all with zinc alloy bodies 1925~1930,31)

Stromberg model T and model U

Tillotsons from 1923 through 1935

Zenith model 105

End of blog.

There are a number of different carburetors which may be used on your Erskine. While there are many original carburetors from other vehicles which may be used successfully, acquiring a universal carb with the correct flange mounting AND ESPECIALLY the correct internal venturi size will make for the easiest installation.


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