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For Sale: 1,800+ Automotive Magazines

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I have 1,800+ automotive magazines in 20 titles that I have saved from subscriptions over the years.<o:p></o>

They are in very good condition, and boxed in copy paper boxes (21 each).<o:p></o>

I am looking to liquidate the whole lot in a bulk sale. <o:p></o>

I can email a detailed inventory. Thinking roughly $0.50/each + S&H, but am very flexible to move all.

They are located in Savannah, GA.Thanks for your consideration.<o:p></o>


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No offense but it is going to be VERY hard to get anyone to pay $900 for magazines. The shipping and storage alone would be tough. You would be better off breaking it into groups. Gather up the easily sold covers of certain cars (vettes, mopars and so on) and sell 5 at a time. It would take a while but not near as long as it would take to get $900 for the lot.

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Thanks for your comments.

I'm not locked into $900, just put that out there as a starting point.

Bottom line is that I would like to see these stay in circulation for the enjoyment of other car guys.

There are 21 copy paper boxes which I think will fit in my Tahoe, and I can meet someone half way within reasonable distance, if I can get something to cover trip costs, etc. I looked into commercial freight, and it doesn't appear to be feasible.

Most of the issues are in continuous sets, and I'm not inclined to break those up.

And really don't have time to sell individually or small groups.

Thanks again for the comments!

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If any of your 1,800 magazines are car-club magazines,

you'll likely find that they are difficult even to give away.

But the other automotive magazines may find buyers,

especially at 50 cents apiece.

Please consider at least breaking up the mass into

individual titles--such as Motor Trend, Cars & Parts, etc.--

whatever those titles may be. You will find, for example,

that a Corvette enthusiast doesn't want a horde of

Mopar magazines, and vice versa.

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hello, please advise on which publications and also if any older magazines pre 1970.. thanks,

Please PM your email address and I will email the inventory. Not a lot of early mags in this group.

Thanks for the interest.

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