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LEELENSES custom tail lens?


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Anyone who had any contact with or did any business with Leelenses??? been trying to get in touch with them for months ,Need taillight lenses for my 57 special.

Are they still in Business? Can someone help me with this please!!

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If I remember correctly Leelense's is/was a Tennessee company that made custom one piece lenses for '57 Buick's and other makes and models. Don't know if they are still in business.

If you are looking for replacement '57 Buick type lense's, they are available from Fusick.

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I thought I remember Lee as a manufacturer of custom smooth lenses. They used to show up in the old Rod & Custom magazines when the magazine was small enough to put in an algebra book. Some had white patterns on them. I can recall a similar style to that Buick one for '56 Chevies. Those lenses were flat plastic and didn't use prisms.

At the time some of those custom guys would make a mold and stop by their friend's pizza shop where they used the oven. Pizza shop guys are usually pretty friendly. They like tips.


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