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1939 to 1952 Buick Battery Holddown and Shield. Several for Sale.

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I have three different battery holddowns and side shields available. These fit 1939 to 1952 Buick, all series.

Battery holddown #1. The top corners are all strong. Surface rust here and there, especially on the battery frame, but not much rust pitting of any significance on the holddown or shield. Original paint showing on the shield. I would rate this holddown in good condition. Will need prep work and paint before installing on most cars, of course. The price for holddown #1 is $35, plus shipping.

Battery holddown #2. It has been primed, but could use a stripping and repaint. It is good and straight. The top corners are good. There is some pitting showing on the top that should be filled before painting. Also, there is a short "jagged" area on one of the holddown side bands. This area is shown in the last photo for holddown #2. If I was going to use this piece myself, I would fill this little jagged areas with JB Weld, then smooth and paint. Overall, I would term this holddown in good condition. The price for holddown #2 is $30, plus shipping.

Battery holddown #3. This holddown is straight. Scattered surface rust and some minor rust pitting on the holddown and the shield. However, this holddown has more thinning and a little metal missing on a couple of the top corners (shown in photos). This unit will need work on the top corners. Again, I would beef these areas up with JB Weld, sand smooth, and then paint. The price for holddown #3 is $25, plus shipping.

Please check out the descriptions and photos carefully. I welcome your questions. Thanks for looking. John










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John, hello I'm Bud could you tell the size of theses ( top ) ? Why is I've put a Optima 6V battery in my 1936 Buick to give it more cold cranking Amps. and this looks like it might work to hold it in place. It's under the front seat and the shield on these look like it would protect it to.


Bud Ensor

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