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Help - Marmon Trans Removal


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I would like to remove the transmission from my D74. Any suggestions of the process? It appears that I may have to pull the differential back, also believed by another Marmon friend...but wanted to see if anyone has gone through this. From what I can find, it looks like it would be the same as a model 34.

Thank you

Carl Jensen

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I have an e-75 which I believe is the same. I also have an information book on the D-74. I have not removed the transmission but have removed the universal joint at the front. The information book tells you that you should take them ( transmission, torque tube and rear end) off at the same time to work on any of the components. The book also mentions that if you take the universal joint off and loosen the torque ball on the right side of the transmission that you can drop the front of the transmission down. It could be a matter of even though it sounds difficult to do that it is easier than trying to remove the transmission by itself. Do you have the D-74 information book?

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