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Glory Days

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Some of you may have seen these before but I thought I would be post incase others may not have seen these yet.

If you have any DB or GB glory days photos that you think are unusual or rare please share with the rest of us. We all like pics....

These are just some of the ones I've come across on the internet that I thought were worth saving for research and pleasure.

















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Would be nice to see photos of these sites if they are still around.

The Graham Brothers Truck plant in Evansville is still standing at Stringtown Road and Maxwell. GBT used it from 1921 to the end of 1928, then Dodge Trucks to early 1932. Chrysler has acquired the plant when they purchased Dodge Brothers in 1928 and used it for Plymouth production for model years 1936 through 1959, as well as Dodge in 1937-1938. The administration building was tripled in size while Chrysler owned the plant.

Most of the Plymouth body plant in Evansville still stands, at 900 East Columbia Street. That plant was built by Graham-Paige in 1928 and sold to Briggs Body in late 1936. Chrysler acquired the plant when they purchased Briggs Body in late 1953.

One plant I am trying to get photos of is the Dodge Brothers / Graham Brothers plant on Dufferin Street in Toronto just south of DuPont Avenue. Tracking the building through the city directories, the plant seems to have survived to about 1972. It was used for car production from 1924 to early 1929 and truck production from 1924 through to 1931.

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