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'90 Riviera power trunk pull-down


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Any chance someone here could provide, or point me in the direction of, a power trunk puller-downer schematic for my '90 Riviera? I think I've got a bad switch. Don't have a shop manual (why are the '90s so expensive compared to the others?). I've got a '90 Toronado manual, which should be similar, but the schematic isn't where the index says it should be. I looked at a '90 98/88 manual, but the wires are different colors.

My puller-downer rose to the occasion, but wouldn't retract. I went to the scrap yard and got another motor unit, retracted, with the switch already removed. Installed that and at least I could close the trunk. Just for kicks I installed my old switch. It rose and wouldn't retract. I was able to jumper the switch and got it to retract (too far...). So I'm guessing I have a switch problem and not a motor problem.

I noticed some Cadillacs in the yard that had switches, but their wiring connectors have 4 wires instead of the three that I have (red/white, black/yellow/ and black). GM parts catalog says my switch interchanges with the Cadillacs, but I don't get the 4th wire.

Help appreciated, thanks.


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