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help with mistery color

Guest mgomespt

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Guest mgomespt

Hello all, I saw a beautiful Jaguar XK120 a while back, it was painted on this very, very light blue, almost like a white with blue tint. Sadly I was driving and could not photograph it.

I know this is very subjective but can someone help with a possible photo example of a color that might fit this, somewhat dubious, description? :-)

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We are restoring a 1954 XK120S OTS. According to the Heritage certificate it was special ordered with a color called alpine Mist. We found a tiny area of paint left, but not enough to color match. It appears to have been a metallic blue, similar to the color of my 1990 Toyota Hilux, this Toyota color was called stardust.

If anyone can shed light on the correct color and supply a formula to mix up some paint we would really appreciate it.

Many thanks



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