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Just Found an 88 for My girlfriend's Brother


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So, My girlfriends little brother needed a first car, so, bam! I thought of a Reatta, the only thing was his price range of a grand. So, this morning I got lucky and found one for that. It is a Red 1988 with original paint (still shiny, cant wait to use my buffer!) , and interior, the interior just needs vacuuming, leather and floor is in great shape (has clean original reatta mats) and the exterior needs a good wax but it was shiny after 1 wash, there is a dent on the hood. The CRT works like new and it came with original paperowrk including a Reatta Craft Centre manifest? It has 155k and everything works with a couple exceptions. The guy ended up taking 700 dollars. So, I thought I would reach out to the forum as I need some parts/advice:

Parts needed:

Headlight Door (drivers) and assembly preferably in red

Door lock chrome piece (the one that goes up and down)

ABS light is intermittent, I am thinking a wheel sensor? Brakes are firm and feel like my 89

Passenger side window motor

Driver side window slides up sideways (is this a regulator or just clips?)

Tape player

speakers, front

AC is cold but the fan turns on then goes off like it would if it was waiting to heat up in the morning it seems to be affected by wind blowing into the window (is this an ac temp. sensor? if so, where can I find one, and where is it located in the car?).

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Guest Corvanti

the driver's side window sounds like what mine was doing. it was the sash channel (bottom of the window glass). all but one of the rivets had broken. if you have a '89 FSM, check out page# 10-5-23, figure 39, part #2. about the only way to tell is to pull the door panel off and have a "look see"...

on the passenger window - check to make sure the switch and then the motor are getting power. sometimes a good cleaning with contact cleaner on connections or finding a crimp/break in a wire will be the culprit. heckuva lot easier to replace a switch or splice a wire than replace a motor.:)

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