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need delco generator/distributor combo for continental 6 cylinder engine

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Show a photo of the mounting location on the engine. And the mounting pad, bolt pattern etc. I have several delco generator/distributor combinations that were used on the Series 80 and 81 Pierce arrow 1925-1928 engines. I have NO idea if one would physically fit or be close to what you need.

The photo below is of a 1925 Series 80 engine in a very rare factory produced right hand drive car.



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here is my worksheet for numbers. It appears the 6Y and the 7U are extremely similar with the same electrics. some sources say 1 thing, others say something else.

if I could get a 240 starter, 241 generator and distributor combo (one says a 1811 dist) (one says a 241 distributor) and an ignition switch 1172 I'd be a happy guy. Others may work so I don't want to say no. thanks for your help



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