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Horn Button wiring question


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I recently located a correct horn button for my second series 1935 KC pickup and have questions about the wire that goes thru the steering shaft to the button. I have attached a picture of the wire I found separately on Ebay and it appears to be correct or very close - it was meant for a Dodge military vehicle.

1 - does the plastic spacer at the top of the wire turn with the shaft or does the shaft spin around it as I turn the wheel?

2 - should there be any sort of lube on the wire to reduce friction inside the shaft?




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There should be a brass cup with 3 lugs that goes on before the wheel nut. Then there is a large spring that fits into the cup followed by a brass plate with a depressed center and a hole in the center that locks into the cup. The wire is inserted into the small hole and the bakelite insulator rests on top of the plate. The horn button also contains a brass conical cup , spring and contact plate. The wire and the insulator does not move and need no lubrication. If you have a service manual or owners manual for your truck it should show a drawing of the set up.

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Thanks for your reply. My button is (I believe) an older style with a threaded retainer rather than the three prong setup. It all fits into a much shallower cutout in the steering wheel than the later ones.

I had a slow start installing it today. First, I had to remove the bottom cover on for the steering box so I could clean out the brass tube the wire exits through. It appears some of the old wire casing was gummed up in there. And then, the button doesn't have enough "throw" left when the retainer is screwed down. I need either a thinner steering wheel nut or perhaps a spacer is needed to raise the wheel slightly on the shaft. I will take a look at the service manual diagrams...



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Well, to complete the thread I now have a working horn button. I milled down the nut until it was flush with the steering shaft. That gives enough clearance for the button to work.

I didn't do the restoration on this truck but I am really enjoying finishing some of the details. It is amazing how these little things can take so much time to do. I must have pulled the wire in and out of the steering shaft 10 times before I figured out what I needed to do to make it work. Even putting the new ground wire to the horn wasn't easy with my head under the hood, barely any clearance for a wrench, etc etc.


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