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Richmond area museum reference needed


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If you saw my earlier post it looks like we are moving to Richmond, VA next year. I have a 57 Simson SR2 moped, only known one in the country. It is in almost perfect original condition. Currently it is on loan and displayed at the Glenn Curtiss aviation museum in Hammondsport, NY. I will be looking for a museum in the Richmond area that would like to display it. I don't want to sell it but also don't want it damaged in my garage. I would much rather have it out so people can enjoy it. Any suggestions?



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I am a member of the Curtiss Museum.

I have been since I stopped by several years ago while dropping off a car in Watkins Glen.

I would recommend you keep it on display there.

My personal experience dealing with museums - few are genuinely resectful of what you have,

most view it as an asset to be utilized in their best interest.

One notable exception is the MTFCA Museum in Richmond, IN.


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I would just hate to have it too far away. Right now I am able to take it out and bring it back whenever I want. I take it to a few shows a year. I know most museums won't allow that but I at least want it to be close enough so I can visit once a year or so.

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Guest Gary Hearn

You might try contacting Keith Jones at the Keystone Tractor Museum in Colonial Heights. Space is tight, but a moped is smaller than a car, truck or tractor. Since the items there are his, there may be liability issues for him to accept outside pieces.

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