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New TV Show this May

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Driving America Fast Facts


ØDriving America tells the story of the automobile and its unique impact on American culture.

ØCovers 200 years of American legends.

ØCars represent freedom to see the country.

ØWe honor our nation’s heritage with our cars and our car stories.

ØOur cars tell our history and predict our future.

ØEvery American has a car story.

ØWe are our cars and no matter what we drive, we are Driving America.


Ø1773: The steam powered carriage

Ø1901: Assembly system at Olds Motor Works

Ø1913: Mass produced cars from Ford

Ø1922: Essex enclosed cabin – the family car is born

ØThe Station wagon – a house on wheels

ØExplosion of new roads - Route 66 – an iconic part of American culture

ØEvolution of motels and the drive-thru

ØEisenhower builds the interstate system

ØBirth of the VW Bug and the hippie nation

ØAmerican muscle cars

ØIndy 500

ØHarley Earl pushes design to the edge, cars become status symbols

ØThe Hollywood connection

ØHonda Civic changes the market – we put MPG above all

ØDrive-in movies & cruising

ØThe minivan and family values

ØInventing the future – Tesla Model S


ØGraham Rahal, Indycar driver

ØBobby Rahal, racecar legend

ØDan McNichol, author, “The Roads That Built America”

ØEdward Welburn, VP Global Design, General Motors

ØMatt Hardigree, Editor in Chief, Jalopnik

ØBruch Hannah, professor, Pratt Institute

ØLarry Edsall, automotive author

ØRobert Thompson, professor, Syracuse University


ØFor more information, including embeddable videos, please visit http://channel.nationalgeographic.com/episodes/driving-america/

This may turn out to be programming that many of us have begged for, real history. I hope it has been done well and that they fact checked their episodes. I will look forward to watching it (especially since I believe they are going to give Ransom Olds the credit that normally goes to Ford)!;) On History Channel

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Our hobby would benefit from real stories being broadcast about factual history - much more than "quickie resto-mods and quick flip for quick profit", and let the buyer beware!

I will be delighted to "Tivo" quality episodes so we can watch them when we return from attending AACA Meets and Tours.

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Sounds encouraging.

Here is a thought - imagine a program tieing the history of the automobile with High School history coursework - One could link the two with the help of a show such as what is being described.

Would be good to promote the hobby - for example, it has been said that those with the really early stuff do not turn out for car shows anymore but a small local show looking for the early stuff, I bet raising funds for a school event, would be supported.

But let's start at the TV show! :)

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Yep, It's about time. I was getting ready to dump the Satellite Dish in the trash. Programs are getting worse everyday and costs more. All the reality shows on the history channel is not History to me. I know several people where the Pickers have been, and much that goes on is baloney. A lot of the show is staged. One local fellow here that is heavy into petroliana run them out of his place. Dandy Dave!

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