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Unrestored Hudson Italia found in Sweden by Swede living in California

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I saw this car displayed while still sitting on a trailer at the French and Italin cr show at Woodley Park in Van Nuys A Swede about 60 said he exports American cars to Sweden and bought this 10-20 years ago for $30,000. I guess the Swedes that owned it felt the resident of the US had a better chance of restoring it. Does anybody else know more of the story or the Swede's name? I know he owned many Hudsons before this Italian--bodied one. By the way isn't transporting a non-running car more expensive? Or is there consolidators who can put it in a box for you?

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Googling got me this

100% Matt,

Jun 9, 2010






South of Stockholm, Sweden




RocketDaemon said:

wasnt there 2

italias in sweden? i remember seeing one for sale in several car

magazines like 10 years ago, and think i remember an reference to that

the seller already had one or maybe it was what ever... such rare car it

must have been the one RPW mentioned that was put up for sale



True, when you said that I also remember seeing one for sale.

I'm not all sure, but Roland Pettersson might have had both of them. One

was sold back to the USA (#7) as a "basket case", and later resold for

100.000 USD according to this site: http://classicmotornews.com/forums/showthread.php?t=13225&page=3 .

The one that still is in Rolands possesion is #9, here are some photos of it from the 1970's:


I'm not 100% sure why the Italia came to Sweden but a vauge memory

reminds me that I've read that it was shown at the International Auto

Fair in Stockholm 1954. Well, I might be wrong...

But one thing I know: One of the Italia's in Sweden was owned by Berl

Gutenberg, a man known for a big scandal in Sweden in the early 1960's.

He was responsible caretaker for the money of an early millionare lady,

Miss Florence Stevens of Huseby maison (by now a museum http://www.husebybruk.com/ ).

She remained unmarried but was known for her "very tight relationship"

with the Swedish king in the 1930's-40's. With a Hudson Itaila in her

caretakers posession you can guess what had happened: Big time fraud.

All her millions gone, her maison was falling a part and she died poor

and he ended up in jail. The Hudson Italia was to flamboyant for Sweden

and ended up in the backroom of a local car dealer close to my home

village, impossible to sell in the early 60's...

My dad was interested in it, but thought it was too big (!). He ended up

buying a crashed 1949 Porsche instead (a Gmund coupe for 400 USD... ).


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On the some website that had a general story on Hudson Italias there was a letter

posted to the site from "Conny K" who said he bought a Hudson Italia in Sweden.

This must be the same one where I met the buyer, a middle aged bearded Viking-looking guy, Swedish himself but living in America.

I think he met the Swedish Hudson Jet fans by sending them parts which is what I am advocating in some future article--to make friends across the water, supply European owners of cars with American drivetrains parts and maybe when they have a car they will offer it to you. I think he said he paid around $30K but it needed total restoration. He showed it at the French and Italian car show in bare metal, not running, on a trailer.

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Guest Prototypen

This one should be in Sweden IT10009.

Where can I find a register of the 26 cars that was built? I have a figure that 21 still should been located?

(not my pictures)

Hudson Italia 1954  IT10009 01.jpg

Hudson Italia 1954  IT10009 08.jpg

Hudson Italia 1954  IT10009 09.jpg

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