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1952 Buick trim combination


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I've got a couple of questions regarding the trim combination on my vehicle. Decoding the tag, I have obviously a 1952 Model 76R, built in Delaware with a body number of 213. My paint code is "25", which is Carlsbad Black on top, Apache Red on the body. That's the paint she's wearing now. The trim code is "83" which is supposed to be "Light Beige Nylon Pattern Cloth with Red Leather Bolster" with a Maroon upper dash and Beige sparkle lower dash. The dash is currently wearing those colors. But the upholstery is completely red with black leather panels on the seat, although it appears that the door panel Beige fabric was replaced with red leather at some point and the rest of the red panel leather is still stock...I did pull a GM upholstery tag from the drivers side rear panel armrest with a trim code of "83" still printed on it and the passenger side rear armrest still has it's tag as well. Since this vehicle is so close to stock, I plan on bringing it back to it's original trim. So I have two questions...first, what the heck is this "Nylon Pattern Cloth"? Anybody have a good photo I can match to? And second, what was red and what was beige? My guess from working on other Buicks is; the door panels were beige fabric upper down to around the 3rd pleat, then red pleated leather beneath that. Probably a red carpet and kick panels. The seat aprons are red. But how about the headliner, visors and seats? Any guesses?



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Maybe a better question...does anybody have the "Buick colors and fabrics 1952" dealership binder? I was looking for one a few years ago and had no luck...found 1951 and 1953 only. A 1953 copy would at least show "Nylon Pattern Cloth" for trim combinations 42 (green) and 43 (blue).

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