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engine color for 1917 Chalmers engine

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I have started building a 1917 Chalmers speedster from a touring car. I am probably in way over my head, but I will learn. I will have many questions, but only two for this post.

My engine looks somewhat green, but does anyone know the proper color for the 1917 Chalmers engine?

Regarding the ignition switch key: I see by the parts manual that they sold a key. Did the same key operate all switches, or did one have to modify it to fit a particular switch?

Thanks for any input.


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Hi Dale,

Regarding your question about the color of the Chalmers engine (circa 1917). I've done some research to determine the colors to paint my 1920's Chalmers engin, and have come up with the following information. There are actually two colors, matching the engines. The head was painted in a color matching Fed. Std. 595, color number 24201. Color 24201, is a close match to Wal-Mart color "River Bank" (96273). The block color matches Fed. Std. 595, color number 24087. This color is a close match to "Peat", another title given by Martha Stewart's "everyday" color, numbered F05. I coated my chip with Krylon clear acrylic spray to match the semi gloss of my block, as Martha's color is a bit dull. I hope this helps you to paint your engine.

Regarding the ignition key, it appears that "One key fits all". At least up to 1920, that is as far as I have researched to this point.



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