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Rebuild kit for 1957 Delco-Moraine Power Brakes


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Hope someone out there can help me. I am looking for a rebuild kit for a 1957 Buick Delco/Moraine power brake unit. Looked at CARS and a couple on eBay, but not sure. Hoping someone in the forum has had some luck in finding something and can direct me in getting one that will have all the right rebuild components (o-rings, vent valve, gaskets, leather cup, etc.). Thanks!

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Hi Jim,

Not sure if you want to try these guys.


Not sure they sell kits/parts. They are near Hamilton, Ontario and rebuilt mine several years ago (wasn't cheap) and there was shipping....

You would have the advantage of the difference in our money right now though.

Send me a PM if might go there.

Progressing a little further with the long-roof are we?;)

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Thanks there pal! I kind of would like to try my own hand at the rebuild, so hence looking for a robust kit to use. I checked their catalog, and it doesn't look like they go back that far for rebuild kits.

On another note, I should have your parts back this weekend. I also will update the Opus Long Rufus either tonight or tomorrow...

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:cool::cool::cool: JIM!

My unit came off the good Limited and believe they referred to it as a Treadle Vac unit, is that right? I need to unpack it and shoot a picture. (I'm going to put it on the Special along with the SS lines, new wheel cylinders, shoes and drums so I know everything is top notch.

Does yours look like this?


SO, not to hijack the thread:


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Yes Jim you can do it. One of the most efficiently engineered brake/vacuum setup ever. Here are just a few photos of my rebuild teardown in progress including the removal tool needed for a simple removal from the firewall. I was going to write up another of my "How to Do" volumes but have not gotten around to it. The pedal dust bellows ( as shown and diagramed for you ) will have to be out sourced as the kits offered by the rebuilders who also sell the kits include a dust boot that is just more of the same of today's short sighted zero tariff neo-liberal china crap and does not even fit.

You can wait for my Brake Rebuild post or you can just study the photos and go for it. Yes you will hear the rebuilders ramble on about having to hone and rebore for a piston. If they say that just hang up on them. The Moraine unit has no bore or piston or piston seals and if they say that, then hang up on those guys as well. They do not know of what they speak. So just rebuild your unit yourself as I did. The Moraine unit of this era is really an ingenious piece of design. As you can see the main shaft displaces itself within the M.C. chamber thereby taking up positive space forcing the brake fluid out of the chamber into the brake lines. The only rubber seals are found along the shaft itself and there are many as can be seen and this is what makes this unit unique, safe and very durable and long lasting. No cups to wear in the bore and even the first shaft seal is not exposed to brake fluid the others are not as well. Very fortress like in design. The vacuum chamber has the leather plunger and spring. Pretty simple but very effective. Most of the time the leather is still good and waxed well. Examine it closely. Anyway, take a look at the feast of photos and see for yourself if you want to dig in and rebuild your own. There are really just 2 or 3 places ( Can't remember their names just now but are in Hemmings parts n services and in the Bugle as well ) where you can either get yours rebuilt or just have them sell you the parts. Around $ 150 for parts. Again, there is no visible area where machining would be required unless perhaps your shaft is welded into place but then again the bushings as you can see are bronze so can't see that happening either. - Good luck


















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Nice photos and explanation David. I hope you do get around to full write up.

The internals are real similar to the 55 power brakes. On the 55 the piston is a chrome plated rod and some I have seen have rust pits that will not seal of course. Until I found a good one I was considering duplicating the rod in polished stainless steel.


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