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Guest obx

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temperature gauge will go up 2-3 clicks after warmup,might go to 5-6 clicks at idle,but will go back down to 2-3 clicks as soon as start driving again------does this sound like thermostat staying open,also would this affect the idle----computer not sensing proper operating temp and keeping idle up too high-----can drive a distance 5-10 miles and temp gauge will still only be at 2-3 clicks-------noticed someone said replacing thermostat was a PITA ----any hints to make the replacement smooth----thanks

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Guest Corvanti

don't have a 90/91, but it sounds fairly normal to me. if you haven't done a coolant flush & fill, i'd do so, checking for rust (radiator). also make sure the fan(s) are operating properly and the radiator fins are clean.

someone should come along soon and translate the "clicks" into temperature.:)

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My dad never purchased a new thermostat until he checked the old one..... his old school approach, put the thermostat in water on the stove (you need a thermometer) monitor the temp and watch the thermostat open.

you can tell quickly if it is bad.

I know there are different beliefs on changing the coolant, I have read that if the coolant checks good for freeze protection then it is good........except as it get older it looses it anti-rust and lubrication properties.

Prestone still sells cans of lube and antirust that can be added to the coolant, which is cheaper than changing it. Of course it should be clean looking.

I was having trouble finding the can of Prestone but was able to buy a case on Ebay, so now I am set for a few years....unless it degrades in the can.

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Guest PontiacDude210

When I flushed coolant and changed thermostat in my first 90, the coolant came out like gear lube and took 35 minutes of flushing to run clear. Then getting the outlet back on the car resulted in me re tapping the intake.

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