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convertable arms

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Where would begin to look for the little arms that extend out of the body that support the convertable assembly when the top is in the down position? whoeaver restored this one has plugs in the body over the rear wheel where the arm would come out of the body.

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The 46707 part number is called out for the 1920-1922 and the 1924 Light Six. The parts book calls out a left (46428) and a right (464270) for 1923 and list them also for 1924 (along with the 46707). I have no clue why they would want a left and right part number as the parts seem like they should be designed symmetrical and could plug into either side. Regardless, the 46707 part number is pictured below and measures 7-5/8" tall with the rubber installed, so you could probably make STUDE48's parts work. The 46707 part number has the support bolt 3" from the lower end while the 46427 and 46428 part numbers measure 1-1/4" from the support bolt to the lower end.




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