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Looking for any and all information....on Texas Made Cars....Advertisements, Photos, Manuals, Sales Brochures, Parts, and the elusive car for any automobile make that was manufactured in Texas. Texas had a short but very colorful foray into car manufacturing from about 1908 until the mid 1920's. There were a number of offerings that were nothing more than stock scams, but the Texan was a well made car and oil field truck that was reasonably successful. I am looking for anything out there that might be available for the following makes:

Texan-1918-1922, Texmobile-1921-22, Wichita-1914, Wharton-1921-22, Ranger-1920-22, McGill-1922, Lone Star-1920-22, Hall Cyclecar-1914,Dixie-1908-09, Luck Utility-1911-14, Stroud-1919, Lutz Steam-1898, Blumberg-1920-21,Texas-1920, and the Holden-1915. I am resurrecting a book project, and can use any and all information on these makes. I am interested in buying available information as listed above, scanned copies of original information, parts, parts cars, and although there are few existing examples, I would love to own a Texas made car, particularly a Texan. Any help with this project will be greatly appreciated.

John Guy

Ph: 832-244-2101

E-mail: Brushrunabout@gmail.com

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John, I don't have any leads (I'm pretty far away in Pennsylvania),

but here's a suggestion for a little more exposure:

Consider editing the heading of your forum posting to indicate those items

for TEXAS-MADE cars. That way people will see your need quickly,

and even those who don't open your inquiry will know what you want.

If you wanted literature merely to look at for knowledge (until you find

some of your own), you could call the AACA Library in Hershey, Penna.

Their phone number is (717) 534-2082, and they might have something.

They could copy or scan things for you.

All the best to you in your search; and let us know what you find!

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