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Wanted to Buy 1967-68 Pontiac full sized rear wheel well moldingsl


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These must be rare or maybe even non-existent...I checked all my usual Pontiac sources and came up empty.

You might want to post a "Parts Wanted" ad on the POCI site and in the Smoke Signals magazine.

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They are fairly rare given a lot of full size Pontiacs of that vintage (1967-1968) came with skirts. I am the guy that Topcat posted for (Milo 4510) and was already looking for them on this site. I have a 68 Grand Prix that I want to run "skirtless" because I am not a fan of that look. I have a driver side opening trim not the greatest but usable. I need a passenger side rear trim molding. They would have to come from an Executive, base model Catalina, wagon, or Ventura not equipped with skirts. Two door, four door car or wagon wouldn't matter. My Grand Prix has front wheel well trim so I need to run rear trim to look right. I am running Rally II 15 inch wheels with raised white letter Goodyear Eagle tires and no trim rings, so I want the wheels to show in the back. I have seen them in pictures on cars listed for sale and I also saw what I needed on CEbay on a car at a junkyard in the northwest but the guy wants to sell the complete car and won't take it off and sell it individually.

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