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one isn't enough

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At York I was informed by a long-long time Studebaker owner(Ken), that one is not enough. having bought our first Studebaker this past December I have, as of today, increased the number of our Studebakers to two. This has been much too quick but if I didn't buy it now it would have been "stuffed" away for another 47 years, last inspected between 1967 and 1968. There is a most apparent reason as to why it was parked. The floor is solid front to back, under the hood seems mostly unmolested, and the interior is driver friendly.

The car must have been automatic originally, I have sent for the production order, need keys, it now is stick with a floor shift, probably Foxcraft. I didn't see a handle anywhere under the dash for overdrive and I couldn't get my head under far enough to see an overdrive solenoid but there is some kind of kickdown switch near the throttle linkage that our 57 Commander doesn't have.

This will be put away until the 57 commander is on the road before I start taking anything else apart.

I will have the resident body-man come and inspect it as it will have to be pulled on a frame machine.

post-39071-143143021004_thumb.jpgAre those factory seatbelts?

The answer to a long life is to have a long list of things to do, ya need that challenge,










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Guest jd-stude


Sorry that you got the Studebaker disease. We may have a similar virus. We're suckers for cars that need us. If you get the frame straightened out I may have a few parts to help you out. The seat belts are original style that the factory used and maybe factory.

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I think I just like saying "Studebaker", drawn out a little bit. I have four grandsons and am really hoping at least one of them is an excuse to continue this nonsense.

I really appreciate your offer. hopefully tomorrow i will have it out of the weather. A friend had this car stored in his shop for about 10 years and recently I found out he had to move his stuff, the Studebaker was still at his old location and i think caught him at the right time.

I am going to try and get a new or used straight left side fin rather than try and straighten the car to a repaired fin.

Before I get sidetracked on the Silver hawk I have to concentrate on the 57 Commander, I will be posting on the progress of both.

Thank you,


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Ernie, I don't know if I can get away with any more buildings, too many eyes and regulations(building Permits). You can come help do some rearranging I have a one-month use of my Sister-in-laws garage then the hawk goes up the hill.

Ernie we spent too much time around guys that don't know when "enough is enough"


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Email me with the key number from the production order.

If it has the original locks I may have a key.

I have over one hundred keys numbered and with tags.

I also have a few old keys with numbers stamped on them like ST XXXX.

Robert Kapteyn



My mail server lost all of my email messages so if you emailed me before please resend.

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Today I had some time, but it was only 27 degrees this morning so it was an excuse to do inside work. Got vinyl cleaner at the local hardware store and went down the cellar with the rear seat cushions from the 57 silver hawk.

Doing this kind of work I think of the movie "Christine" where the garage owner says something like "the kid works in strange ways he got new windshield wipers for a busted windshield"

anyhow here are some seat photos


I have clean seat cushions but a busted car!

this afternoon it was a bit warmer so i got necessary equipment to remove the spark plugs and put some solvent into the cylinders.

The silver hawk with power steering and brakes has to be one of the hardest vehicles to remove the front two left-side plugs ever. I was talking to myself, and what a combination of stuff to break them loose!

I don't know if it was because they were in so long or if the installer went nuts but they were tight. I don't like to say it but at least five were broken till they were out.

Sometime while removing the second spark plug (number 3 cylinder) I thought "it takes a tough man to make a tuned-up Studebaker"

Who will tell me the best combination of tools to use on those two plugs,(inline Chrysler manifold fasteners can all be reached with a 1/4 inch drive 9/16 flex socket that's my helpfull hint).

Using a piece of tubing and an oil can all the cylinders got filled with an acetone/automatic transmission fluid mixture until they wouldn't hold anymore then put quite a bit down through the carburetor, now we'll let it sit for awhile.

I don't want to be taking this thing apart but I am going to see if it will run.









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Today I learned if you remove the three fasteners that hold the power-brake unit and move it out of the way it is at least possible to replace the spark plugs. The 259 engine holds at least 5 gallons in it's crankcase without any coming out the road-draft tube, I didn't want to make too much of a mess in my sister-in-laws garage. The engine in our 57 silver hawk is about as full as I can get it, the top has acetone/atf and the crankcase has mostly kerosene with acetone/atf to make 5 gallons, now I'll let it sit for awhile.

Got some work done on the 57 Commander, water pump, fuel pump and radiator hoses on. The paint is drying on the fan, pulley and spacer and got ten gallons of gas for the tank.


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Jay: I'm assuming you'll suck that atf/acetone mix out of the cylinders; especially those whose pistons are near the beginning of their compression strokes, before you hit the starter switch. Atf/acetone has a history of poor compressibility...............

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Yes sir when I decide it is time the plugs will come out and either with the starter or a socket to the crankshaft nut will be used to see if it is free. It's going to soak awhile the 57 Commander has priority.

Thank you for your concern,


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Killing time before I head to the shop as it is cold about 30 degrees F. I was on ebay to look at old car photos. I said "Oh Wow" and my Wife said "don't even think of it you're not getting it" so I showed her the photos of the $225,000 dollar 57 Golden Hawk and the price and she realized I didn't expect to buy it. Now she has not yet seen the driver side of the Silver Hawk. She said that the Golden Hawk was really nice and I told her that the Silver Hawk looked like it but it has a pillar right here. So maybe in her first glimpse of the Silver Hawk she might see the potential beauty.

Going to the shop to work on the Commander it is getting close to starting the engine.

A good day to all,


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