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A sad day and a happy beginning of our 1934 Dodge hearse.

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A sad :( and a good day:)

We sold our 1934 one of a kind? 1934 Dodge hearse. Were pulling it from the garage today to prep it for shipping. This car was put in the new building that was going to be a Private Mopar museum. Has not moved since 2006 when the building was completed. Mike of D.C.V. bought this car to add to his 1934 Dodge collection of speciality vehicles. Back in the mid-2000s, he had bought it from the east coast, Virginia, the Carolinas? I was supposed to haul the car for him but the timing didn't allow me to do the job. After it was pulled from the owners, they had a major flood that took out many cars and homes in the area of where the car came from. Hate to see the collection break up. But it is going to a great home to Mt Juliet TN. It is going to be restored. Will be posting videos and pictures.Thanks











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