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1949 Roadmaster ring & pinion or rear end


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A friend of mine is looking for a new or good used ring & pinion for a 1949 Buick Roadmaster with Dynaflow (I know all 49s had DF, but maybe a '48 with Dynaflow will suffice).

He is desperate enough that he might consider a whole third member. Lemme know if you have one.

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I went up to OHara Restorations in Frostproof, FL with the information that Leif sent to me. They had already found a rear from somebody in Colorado...with a 3.9 ratio. They have a 30-day return warranty on it, naturally, since it is used. They are on the Internet and you can look them up and let them know you have a backup, in case the one coming from Colorado isn't good. Ask for Donna, Justin or Steve

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