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Hershey fall meets wooden nickels


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What's a Hershey Fall Meet Wooden Nickel? Is it an attendance prize to prove you were there ... or what? How does one acquire a "Wooden Nickel" at Hershey? Obviously, I've never been to Hershey, so I'm wondering what all the fuss is about. I have a friend who collects Olympics Pins, is the "Wooden Nickel" a similar deal?

Just wonderin',


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If you buy anything from the Hershey Regional booth they usually throw one or more wood nickels in the bag. They have the dates for the next few Hershey meets. They probably would give you one if you just ask. Don't know if the the National both has them or not. I usually leave one in the console of my truck and beside my chair, because someone is always asking what the dates are for the next Hershey.

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That right. So you would have had to be there in 81 to get one marked with dates for 82, and back again in 82 to get dates for 83. People collect them just for fun. Back in those years we walked on Mud if it rained. Dandy Dave!

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