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Power Steering Box Rebuild Question.


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I am rebuilding the box in my box # 5687962. Just a couple questions. I got a Delco rebuild kit and it is going well. I did damage one of the teflon seals on the pump. Does anyone know where to get just the seals? The instructions said to put them in hot water for 10 minutes to ease installation but they stretched too much so I need all 3. I could buy another kit but that seems like a waste of parts and money.

Also, my box only has 22 balls when most of the info I found online shows 24. Any source for info on these? I doesn't appear to have been apart before.


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22 balls in my 66 box. You could say it takes a lot of balls to rebuild one of these. I did not warm the teflon rings. Installed at room temperature. It does require an amount of finesse and patience to get all 3 on without damaging them. Heres a pic for anyone wondering what Mike is talking about.



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