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1960 Rambler American Continental Kit

Guest Irv D

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Guest Irv D

post-72405-14314301534_thumb.jpgLooking to Buy -

I am looking for a bumper/continental kit for a 1960 AMC Rambler, American, Custom - 2 door sedan.

I recently purchased a car that is identical (1960 Rambler American, Custom 2 dr sedan) to the one owned by my wife's parents when we were married on January 2, 1963. Same color, everything..........EXCEPT that their car had a continental kit.

If I could get a continental kit for this car, it would make an AWESOME wedding anniversary gift for my wife on our 53rd anniversary.

I am attaching a picture of the car that I just purchased (rear view - no continental kit).

Also, am going to try to a picture of my wife's parents car (side/rear view - with continental kit). I hope I can attach the photo.

Any help/leads would be greatly appreciated.

Irv D


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