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430 Exhaust Manifold Bolt Pattern


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Hi everyone,

my Riviera's 430 engine is being overhauled at the moment (the one thing I left to the professionals) and should be ready by the end of the month. When I pulled and disassembled the engine, about 50 percent of the exhaust manifold's bolts snapped. With some effort, the bolts came out and the threads were re-done. BUT during the process, nobody actually thought about taking notes of the length of the different bolts.

I figured out how big of a mistake this was, when I got the new set of (stainless) bolts from yearone and realized that there are actually five different lengths of bolts. Unfortunately the service manual leaves this topic unaddressed and even though it is obvious where the longest bolt and two of the second-longest bolts go, I am unsure of the remaining 11 bolts.

Anyone out there who can give me advice on the correct bolt pattern?

Here is a picture of the two (freshly painted) exhaust manifolds:


And here are the bolts. The picture is taken of eBay, the seller is neverrustfasteners who holds the copyrights, but the set seems to be the same that I bought:


Thanks a lot,


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