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Anybody have a 1937 Special steering wheel?

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I would like to rent, borrow, or buy a steering wheel for a 1937 Special that is good enough to make a pattern for a mold. I can buy a new recast one but I want to try it myself. My old one is completely shot with most of the plastic gone and just the steel ring and and banjo wires to the center left. The process does no harm to the wheel, it's just pressed down into a special clay to form a female mold in which the resin is poured to make the new wheel. Would be willing to put up a deposit and the wheel does not have to be perfect. I can fill any cracks which I've done many times, and take care of any other small flaws just as long as it still has the finger grip bumps on the back side and is good enough to give a good impression. If the first one comes out good I could make a second one for payment. Thank you;


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Problem solved. It finally dawned on me that all I need is a good outer rim from any 18" wheel with the same cross section size. I have several. With a banjo wheel the stainless wire spokes and horn center are a non-factor in making a new casting.

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