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Couped-up, Wagons, 4-doors & Route 66

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From 3 of this week’s “Automotive Daily”s….

Couped-up Monday, 1977

= Dodge Charger (a bit different than the model that was The General Lee)

= Ford Thunderbird (1st year of the “mid-sized” birds)

= Monte Carlo (last of the 2nd generation, 1973-7)

See more:


Wagon Wednesday, 1973

= Dodge Polara (last of the 4th generation, 1969-73)

= Ford LTD Country Squire (1st of a new breed, major redesign)

= Impala (wait! where’d the back door go?)

See more:


4-door Friday, 1975

= Dodge Dart (a year away from being replaced)

= Ford Granada (1st of an 8-year run)

= Nova (1st of the 4th generation, 1975-79)

See more:


Among other daily-weekly themes is this for my Route 66-based story, posting it chapter by chapter:


[i drove Route 66, September 2009. I road tripped at least once a year 2002-2011 to meet people & see family-friends.]

Cort :)www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve

"Now you know the truth is in the way you feel inside" __ Johnny Lee & Lane Brody __ 'Yellow Rose Of Texas'

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A chapter of my Route 66-based story posted Sunday. This, from Saturday, could be a scene from that story, with the caption something like:

“Um, sir, you know the train don’t come through here anymore, right!?”


Speaking of Route 66, which would you rather drive along it: 1957 Chevy or 1967 Pontiac?


Anyone like Andrew Llloyd Weber tunes?


If interested, go to the home page & sign up for Email notifications….

Cort :)www.oldcarsstronghearts.com

1979 & 1989 Caprice Classics | pigValve, paceMaker, cowValve

"Take a trip to the city lights" __ Supertramp __ 'Take The Long Way Home'

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