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1926 or 1927 chrysler six cylinder motor parts

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I have a complete rotating assembly out of a 1926 or 1927 Plymouth coupe. it is only the block, oil pan, crank, rods with pistons, and cam. the timing chain is still in the timing case cover. the flywheel and clutch are still attached. the hole assembly rotates easy by hand. would be good spare parts for original restore. figuring $200 for the whole thing or will part out. if interested send me requests and I can send pics. I also have 2 wire wheels believed to be 29-30 Chrysler in rough shape. still has the lock rings on the wheels. $50 a piece or best off on them, pics on request.

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Just to inform....no such animal as a 1926 or 1927 Plymouth. Photos or numbers posted here would help us determine what you have. Please send photos to me here: keiser31@charter.net

Also please let us know where you are located. Thanks. John

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