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1928 - 1930 Chrysler door handles

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Just a fyi,His stuff is beautiful, but not OEM Original and foreign handles were not period correct for the cars always,not starting anything Just from my Experience with many guys in Australia they had a lot of whatever the manufacture could throw on the car to export,so go with your gut. if you look on his website at his chrysler handles for 1929 they are Buick's Some others are Fords and Packards best i can tell, but listed in the chrysler section ?? 99% of the handles made for old cars from around 1923 ish to 1939 were not made by the manufacture they were made by about 6-8 companies then later in the forties some peeled off as some mfg's started doing there own. problem is if your restoring to USA standards be careful what you get from across the Pond. I always push Original first but when you can't find it or its a one off you gotta do what you gotta do. having have approximately 45,000 handles plus I cannot always remember but 1928-30 chrysler are the same fancy design as the plymouth of those years except and I may be Incorrect I thought the chrysler Handle was a little bigger in size. you would want to verify your handle with a club member that has your exact handle needed. I have some good plymouths if they are same length as Chryslers,just not sure as i age and there are so many variations of handles would need dimensions. Send me if you figure it out some pic's and dimensions to my private message.

Good Luck

I will say that this guy does excellent work but $$$$ Some other repoppers who i wont mention have not figured how to master the correct size they semm always 1/16th to almost 1/8" short some shrinkage from the process. Good Luck in your Search.

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