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1930 Peerless 4 door Sedan- OWN A RARE "3 P's" Car!

Guest Brando & Joanne

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Guest Brando & Joanne

Believed to be a ONE OF 8, A RARE AACA CLASSIC 4 door Sedan, 5 passenger. Continental Inline 8 Engine. Front windshield cranks out for air flow. 85hp, 246.7 cubic inch engine, 118” wheel base, radiator shutter, 2 side mount wheels, artillery wheels, and luggage shelf at rear with trunk. Other accessories and restorations to come! ALL INSTRUMENTATION IS WORKING! Drove up Pikes Peak, Colorado, in 2001. Vin #10055 Body Builder: Hays. Body #31, Model 122, Type 122, Series A, Engine # 17S-1074.

6 new tires and painted rims. It has been fully serviced mechanically so it is in excellent running condition. The cosmetics have not been restored at this time. The upholstery in it now is original mohair and has window curtains. One could keep it as is and still enjoy driving it, but if you were interested in it looking show quality, it will need new paint and upholstery. This is something you could contract us to do with your own controls over color, style and budget. Otherwise, we will eventually take time with it if it does not sell quickly as is, and we will determine the color and styles and of course the appropriate markup thereafter.

Asking $35,000

Pistorius Collectible Autos

Antique & Classic Car Sales and Restoration Services

Brando Pistorius (813)917-9205 Tampa, Florida USA www.OldWheel.com

  • Peerless outsold Packard in 1920
  • They were one of the most expensive luxury cars of the era. The top three in price and status where called the three P’s:

Packard, Pierce Arrow and Peerless.

  • Peerless Motor Cars (Cleveland, Ohio 1900-1931) was the first company to adopt what would become the standard of automobile design, a front mounted engine driving the rear wheels through a solid drive shaft.
  • Barney Oldfield shattered world speed records with the Peerless “Green Dragon”
  • Many collectors believe the Peerless motorcars to be some of the finest automobiles built in the USA in the 1920’s renowned for their high performance and stylish luxury. However, Peerless is the rarest and hardest to find of the “three P’s” as it ceased production in 1932.
  • In 1933, ownership and management of Peerless organized the Carling Brewing Co. USA, just after Congress repealed Prohibition, and began production of the famous Carling Black Label Beer in the old Peerless factory.

Other Peerless “Firsts”

- Peerless was the first company to successfully use a flyball governor to maintain speeds.

- They set a 1,000-mile endurance record and the fastest time ever in the Mt. Washington hill climb in New Hampshire.

- Peerless was the first to use of aluminum in their side-entrance tonneau along with being the first closed formal body in American production.

- Peerless was one of the first companies to use electric lighting. They used a Gray & Davis system as early as 1910 and then upgrading in 1913 to a single voltage Gray & Davis system which now included an electric starter.

Pistorius Collectible Autos

Antique & Classic Car Sales and Restoration Services

Brando Pistorius (813)917-9205 Tampa, Florida USA www.OldWheel.com












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