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Thanking you sir! I didn't know how to do that trick .

Regards, Gary/ Ohio

Just right click on the site address and when the menu box drops down, click on COPY. Then go to your post and right click on the spot you want to insert the link and click on PASTE. Good luck.


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Nice '47 woody Gary! I always wondered why anyone bothered with Ford woodies when these Plymouths were available.


I like the new posting rules! This way we are allowed to let everyone know we are selling one of our own cars on Ebay

Look for my 1936 International pickup in the very near future!

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Thank you for liking my Plymouth Woody. I have received many kind words about her.

The International truck you will be offering has a significant place in our automotive history ! There should be a good following when you place her on auction ! Bear in mind that International is not a four letter word.

Best of luck for you and your auction!

Regards, Gary

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