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Salvage yards in the Houston, TX area


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Asking this on behalf of a friend who will be visiting the Houston area in a few weeks for work, and will have a free day or two to spend.

Are there any salvage yards within a reasonable radius of that area that would be worth his while to visit?

Please provide whatever necessary information in terms of location so that I may pass it along to him, and thanks in advance for your help!


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Guest Bob Call

I lived in Houston for over 10 years but never knew of a vintage salvage in the immediate area. I would suggest contacting a gentlemen that sometimes posts here who lives west of Houston. His user name on this site is Jim_Edwards. Find him on here with search and send him a PM or email.

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Guest AlCapone

Salvage yards with vintage tin are very scarce especially in big city areas. I would contact a local car club and pose the same question. Wayne

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Contact James Bartlett. His contact information is in the post about the 62nd Texas Tour in the Meets and Tours Forum section. He and his family have been in the Houston area for years. Bob Smits

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