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Original Packard Shop Coat and Fender Protector

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I have an original Packard Shop Coat that was owned and worn by the service manager of the local Packard dealer. Probably from the late 30's to 40's. The fender protector is from the same dealership. The fender protector is Protexacar brand and is a medium brown in color. It has a small tear in it. The coat is off white with some oil stains and minor tears. Packard in block letters on the front. Can post pictures tomorrow. Any interest? Call 845-876-7309. Ask for John

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If Ed isn't interested ... you might contact Laurel at Afton Station (OK). She runs a Packard Museum on Route 66. I don't know if she'd be interested or not, but it's worth a try...:


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Sorry for the delay, I was at Amelia Island. Nice coat. Rare dealer item. My guess is early post war from style. My main interest is earlier. I'm sure it will sell. Thanks for posting the photos. Someone is going to be proud to own and display it. Ed.

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