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1990 Riviera cluster question


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I just put a new cluster in...everything works great...the break light is on though...is there a possibility that it is emergency break related? I dont think the car has anti-lock breaks...The car was inspected in September and I think it has to be working to pass...but I dont know if the previous owner went to a place that just passed the car anyways...and also the "door ajar" light is lit...the trunk and both doors seem fine...any info on either light would be greatly appreciated...thanx

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pull those particular bulbs.....LOL

lol...i had a friend that i was driving with in her car...and she had a picture of her daughter at the end of the steering column by the dash...i told her how nice that was...she then pulled the picture out and the check engine light was on...lol...women are the best...out of sight, out if mind i guess

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