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Battery Strap for the Long Buick Battery


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I wanted to lift the long battery (group 2ED) from my restored 1941 without risking damage to the fender paint. I checked the local auto stores and was unable to find a battery lifting strap that would span the 14½ inches between terminals. My solution to this problem was to purchase a pair of marine terminals for $4.50 and make my own strap. Since I used metal chain, I had to add a gap in the chain so that a short circuit would not occur. The two chains are secured to the rubber hose with machine screws which pass through the hose.





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If the chains touch each other the battery could blow up, kind of scary.

I use this style in long reach spots.

post-46237-143143005436_thumb.jpg It wouldn't be hard to make one from tubing and a couple of exhaust hangers.

Or one of these. I use both fairly often.


The voice of experience is here. I have blown up two from inadvertent dead shorts. My wife witnessed one sitting behind the wheel with me hidden by the hood. She heard the bang, saw the caps fly, and had to listen to me say "Huh?" for two days.




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