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1933 Pierce brightwork stolen

Buffalowed Bill

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I had been away from home for several weeks and upon return I found the house broken into. I live in the Seattle area. Among things taken were all the chrome pieces which were repaired and re-plated pieces for my 1933 836 sedan. Also taken was a reproduced archer, and an original helmeted archer in good condition but requiring plating. Everything that was taken was in very good to excellent restored condition. There were six re-skinned hub caps in nicely plated condition. Included were stainless hood center with plated bracketing, headlight rings, parking lights and rings, parking light Stanchions, side mount hardware, external horns, cloisonné medallions, hood door chromed pieces, and much that I am forgetting. The car was a complete and rust free fifty thousand mile car, needing finishing, which I have owned since 1977. I am afraid that it is too late for me to start over.-Bill

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Super great news : Bill has found his priceless parts ! Read about it under "General Discussion" . More now than ever , it is time for Bill to get that car out and about . Sometimes a little scare (in this case a big scare) , can make your priorities quite clear . Here comes Spring ! Looking forward to driving my great running 1927 Cadillac 5 pass standard sedan , and getting my 1924 Cad 7 pass touring going again . Drive 'em while you still can . - C Carl

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