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1959 Ford Retractable

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As soon as I posted this, I knew it was confusing. My wife's parents have passed and the car is now hers. The engine has been rebuilt about 2k ago and we reupholstered the interior, carpet and headliner. Had to take the upholster to small claims court, he butchered portions. Just had the carb rebuilt and new brakes. I want to rebuild the trans, it leaks and sloppy shifts. The top works flawlessly, knock on wood. From what I understand, the '59 sold far fewer than the '57 and '58. I personally think the '57 is the better looking of the 3. I tried posting more pics, but I pretty tech illiterate....

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This thread brings back memories of one of my more stupid moments.

I have always liked the styling of the 1957 and 1959 Fords. As for the 1958, beauty is in the eyes of the beholder, and mine were obviously closed ;)

In 1972, was living in swampeast Missouri, and a neighbor had a red/white 1958 Ford fliptop. He had quite a bit of work done, including rebuilding replacing all of the top motors. Car was a nice driver. Memory isn't clear, but I believe it had a 292 (maybe 312) with 3 on the tree.

He was suddenly transferred to the state of California, and could not take the car with him. Offered it to me for $75. I refused. The day he left, he came over to the house and told me the junkyard would pay $45. and I could have it for that. Again, I refused. Just didn't like the styling of the 1958. Guess I didn't like to pay capital gains tax either ;)


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