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Drivers door lock problem?

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The drivers door started to not lock on first click.Sometimes takes two or three times to lock. It will always open when the open button is pushed.I noticed that the click was not as loud when it would not lock. It would always lock if I hit the lock button with the door open before I close it. The passenger door not affected. What should I check to correct this problem? Thanks

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This is most likely a matter of the old grease in the door latching mechanism (the actual latching mechanism, NOT the power locking) having turned hard. Both of mine started doing this and then got to where it took several hits, either locking or unlocking to get it to work and attempting to manually (i.e. the physical up/down slide) required significant force.

I started with the driver's side as it was the most important to me. I went down the path of pulling the entire lock mechanism out so that I could thoroughly clean and regrease it. WHAT A PITA!!!! I DO NOT RECOMMEND this approach!. On the other hand, it did prove that in my situation at least, the problem was with the actual door latch as after I got everything reinstalled, the effort to manually lock/unlock was monumentally decreased and more importantly, the power lock/unlock worked first time, overtime.

After experiencing the difficulties in doing a complete removal, I decided on the passenger side, I would try to clean and regrease the mechanism in place. I did remove the inside trim and the plastic liner as well as the inside window seal so that I could see and get at the latch mechanism as much as possible. I first used WD-40 with an extension tube to spray into the latch while working the manual lock/unlock. The WD-40 acted as a solvent to flush out the old grease. As the effort began to decrease, I switched over to doing the same with the power lock. After getting the mechanism freed up, I sprayed in some white lithium grease and buttoned everything back up.

That was about a year ago and I have had NO further issues with the door locks acting up from the fob, the power switch or the manual slide.

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Just talked to a lady that had the opposite problem...... door did  not want to unlock.   She hears the click to unlock when the car is  placed in park but

the door will not open.... moving the manual slider does not always work.

I suspect the same issue..... needs to be cleaned and lubed..... remember we are dealing with 30 year old vehicles.

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The rubber boot gets a slice in it from the rod end and then won'y open unless you hit the button about 5 times. I just took a small piece of rubber tubing and slid it over the rod end and into the hole on the actuator boot the rod end fits into. It takes a bit of manipulating but then you get a solid response when you hit the button to lock/unlock the door.

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