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Electric fuel pump question

Guest U.P. Oakland

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Guest U.P. Oakland

I'm looking to install a 6v electric fuel pump on a 1929 Oakland American Six and one on a 1929 Oakland Sport Roadster. I'm assuming I will need to mount the pump as close to the fuel tank as possible and as low as possible because electric pumps push fuel much better than they pull. I want to use these pumps for priming the system only. My main question is will the mechanical fuel pump pull fuel through the electric pump? I was planing on using Airtex pump # 8011 or 8902.

Have any of you done this? If so have you run into any issues?

I'd like to get this worked out as soon as possible because I'm ready to start assembling the Sport Roadster frame and I want to start by installing the fuel tank and making my fuel lines while the frame is bare and easy to access.



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